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Tony and Danielle’s Engagement

Danielle and Tony’s Engagement Session was a fun day! I had never shot at the Brookfield Zoo before but it ended up being a really exciting location with lots of quirky places to photograph at and I think even Tony ended up having more fun than he thought he would have. Additionally, I have decided  Continue Reading →

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Tonia and Seth’s Wedding

This next post highlights the beautiful wedding of one of my favorite women! (Oh, Seth, you’re great too!) We didn’t know each other before I photographed the wedding, but we happen to live about five minutes from each other and I hope that I can consider her a friend now (even if I am holding  Continue Reading →

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Michelle and Cory’s Wedding

Michelle and Cory’s wedding day was gorgeous from start to finish. From the beautiful bride to the handsome groom and fabulous venues, everything was just how I would imagine a wedding. To make it even better, Michelle and Cory were in incredibly laid-back couple that new how to have fun! Seriously, though, isn’t Michelle breathtaking?  Continue Reading →

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Julie and Vern’s Wedding

So, Julie and Vern had a little surprise for me and my assistant once their reception began. It was easily one of the most fun receptions I have been too and we literally couldn’t take our eyes off them. What happened? Well, this first picture is a hint! Doesn’t that picture make you want to  Continue Reading →

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Colleen and Jim’s Wedding

  This fall was my busiest season this year, and after taking a month off for the birth of my daughter I hopped right back into weddings galore with Jim and Colleen’s big day. I had just shot at this church in July and I have fallen in love with it. They really don’t make  Continue Reading →

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